The First 2 Basics of Financial Fitness: “Gentleman, this is a Football”

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Most people think that if they are making 20,000 a year that if they made 30,000 things would be better. Those that make 30,000, think it’s 40,000. Those that make 100,000 think that if they could just get that raise to 125,000, all their problems would be over.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. I myself have made the 20k and the over 100k. Until I learned these principles, we were broke at both levels. We had a nicer home and nicer cars, but had no more money than we did when we made 20K than when we made 100K.

The problem with this mindset?

If at any of these levels of income, you are spending it all…it won’t matter WHAT you make.

It’s NOT what you MAKE that counts, it’s what you KEEP.

american footballAnd now for the fundamentals. “Gentlemen. this is a Football”

Financial Fitness Program Principle 1:

It’s not what you make, but what you keep that determines financial success. Pay yourself FIRST and save what you pay yourself.

I’ve seen people that are making $30K a year that are financially stable…and people making $250K that were broke and on the precipice of financial ruin.

So what is the answer?

Financial Fitness requires 2 things: Knowing what to do and taking action to do it. That is what we are going to learn here.

Financial Fitness Program Principle 2:

Money is a gift. It has a specific use. This means you have a stewardship. You are to use your money for something that matters, for your Giftfamily and beyond.

When I was making a six figure income, I was out on the road selling on commission. My wife wanted to stay home with our 2 sons and we didn’t want to farm our children out to the lowest bidder and place them in a day care. It was our responsibility to raise our boys, not someone else’s. So we made the decision for her to do so.

I’m not proud of this, but for 15 years because of my schedule, I missed my children’s lives. Although this was a noble sacrifice and everyone thought we were doing great, I was MISERABLE.

6 years ago, I walked into a hospital room and saw my oldest son…holding his son. My younger son met a young lady with a 2 year old daughter at this same time and he married her. My life changed at that very moment. I was instantly in love with these two very special little ones. I told my wife “I don’t have 1000 years. I am NOT going to miss this”.

Through the principles I learned in this Financial Fitness Program…we reduced our debt… My wife started and I assisted her in a Real Estate Career…and we began earning income from this Financial Fitness Program…I was able to come home and be a Full Time Husband, a Full Time Father and a Full Time Grandpa.

There are some things more important than money.

whats-your-whyThat was my “Why”…what’s yours?

We are now working on our passion…to free the slaves from the burden of debt.

There is so much that the world needs and a bunch of it intersects with your passions and interests.

What would you do to change the world if you could?

I was raised by a single Mother; she is one of my heroes. My ‘Father’ (I use that term very loosely) left us when I was 13. I never saw him again. My Mother was a waitress at a Truck Stop. We didn’t have much. She worked 12 hour days to support us and I helped out by lying about my age and getting a job washing dishes there. She cried over the bills every month.

I have a Dream to start a foundation called “Honor Thy Mother”. We would help these ladies and their children get on their feet, get her some job training, get them in their own home and take care of them until such time that they are self-sustaining. Then we would let them launch out on their own, stable in the notion that they created something with not a hand-out, but a hand up.

If you had the time and resources, what would you contribute to help improve the world? (Yours and others)

Here is a key, Life-Changing question.

What will you do with these first 2 principles?

My suggestions:

  • Get on this Financial Fitness Program. You can follow along as we go. Read with intention and IMPLEMENT what you learn…Financial Fitness ProgramIMMEDIATELY.

  • PAY YOURSELF FIRST. Prioritize your spending. Stop drinking that latte’. Cut your cable bill. Be aggressive with this. Open a savings account and put the FIRST 10% of what you make in it.
  • Create a plan for consistently adding to this account. It’s a DIME out of every dollar. You can do it!
  • Write down your DREAMS. Who would you HELP? What will you DO? What will you BE? What will you HAVE?

This will be an ongoing series of posts.

There are 47 Principles that we will be going over.

We’ve gone through 2. It’s going to be an awesome journey!

Click here to get yourself a copy of this incredible Financial Fitness Program and follow along!



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