5 Ways to get “Unstuck”

5 Ways to Get “Unstuck”

The majority of people are stuck in a rut which is preventing them from moving ahead to the next level.

Do you see yourself in any of these?
Follow the instructions to get unstuck!

frustration1. Frustrated
A. Forget your weaknesses. Focus on your strengths.
B. List the 5 top strengths that you possess and brainstorm on how you are going to focus on those 5 strengths.


2. BoredBored
A. Focus on your interests and passions.
B. List 3 ways to engage your interests and passions.


Unfulfilled3. Feeling Unfilled
A. Focus on romancing your spouse or significant other.
B. List 2 things you want to do for them and expect nothing in return.


4. Burnt-Out-DrainedBurn Out
A. Stop doing what you hate. Usually there is only 1 thing that is making you burnt out.
B. Write down what’s draining you and make a plan to stop doing it.
C. Delegate the thing you hate to do.
D. If you can’t delegate these things, turn it in to something you love. Attach a reward to it. For example, if I sell 12 cars this month, I’m going to take that mini-vacation to Florida.

5. Stress-Worried
A. Identify the one thing you’re the best at and do it more (find a way).
B. Work with a mentor to overcome the stress.-(Read Mentoring Matters.)

I hope these tips help you in getting yourself “Unstuck

Tim Stephens is involved in the LIFE Business. Building Communities of people helping themselves and others identify and overcome the Major Challenges in their lives. You can contact Tim HERE!



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