To all My Dreamers out there. The Truth.

In daily life, whether you’re now living the life you’ve always wanted… or not… you hold something inside of you that most others don’t.

DreamYou choose to dream.  You choose to hope for more out of life. You close your eyes and you see something better than the current situation and you KNOW it’s possible.

You dream of success and you dream of prosperity and you want to learn how to attain it.

You’re playing offense. You saw a problem and you actively sought out a solution. You didn’t wait for someone to spoon feed you the solution or go and solve it for you.

Do you know how special this makes you?

Most people wait to be told what to do so they don’t have to think for themselves. You didn’t, you independently sought a solution to creating wealth and prosperity.

You don’t dream because you think it makes you a better person or because you must have the material things that it brings. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Your Dream is to HELP others attain theirs.

You WILL attain prosperity and all that comes with it because you have the courage to have a dream AND you take action on it.

You dream despite what ‘THEY’ say.

THEY tell you you’re crazy. THEY tell you it’s not possible. THEY tell you you’re just wasting your time. THEY tell you that you’re just going to end up broke.

And then . . . ‘THEY’ watch to see what happens. Know why?

So that if you hit a hurdle THEY can say “I told you that would happen.”  They offer no help.  But do you know why they say these things?  Because they’re too scared to dream themselves.

They live life passively. They play the game of life on defense. They get a job and wait for someone to give them a raise. You play the game of life on offense. You go and find a way to create your own raise.

You want to help the world by creating and spreading value to and for others.  They want the world to create value for them so that someone will give them a deal. Do you now see the difference between you and them?

Here’s what’s funny to me. Why do the same people that tell you that you can’t achieve something in life quickly forget all of their critical remarks and shower you with praise when you do achieve your dreams and then ask if you could teach them how to do what you did?

Funny how things work out right?

"Follow Your Dreams"

Your dream gives you power.

Your dream makes you a leader.

Your dream gives you freedom.

Your dream insures your success.


Lead and they will follow.

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