Financial Fitness Principles 5 and 6; Build Your Foundation on the ROCK.

Financial Fitness Program

Financial Fitness Principle 5:

Consistently Budget and Save for Unexpected Expenses.

Investing in an emergency fund is Level 2 of the YOU, INC. Investment Hierarchy.

Have the discipline to pay yourself FIRST and fill in the hierarchy. The goal is Financial Fitnessto get the account up to $1000 as soon as possible. There WILL be bumps in the road and you don’t want unexpected expenses side tracking you.

Then work on increasing your emergency fund to the point where it will cover 3-6 months’ worth of income.

Protect this fund and never touch it unless you experience a TRUE emergency. A vacation or a new television DON’T qualify.

Financial Fitness Principle 6:

Pay 10% of your Income to tithing. Give even if you are really broke. Giving puts you in a Mindset of Abundance and puts any financial worries in their proper perspective. So it shouldn’t be limited to just tithing. The Bible categorizes giving as 1. Tithes and 2. Offerings.

Financial guru Suzy Orman suggests that if you are worried about your finances, the first thing you should do is to write out a check to charity and Financial Fitnesssend it. Really Worried? Send several!

Someone is much worse off than you. Do not send money you don’t have, but cancel cable, stop going to Starbucks or sell something and give to those less fortunate.

The basics of Financial Fitness may seem too simple to make a big difference, but those who do them find financial success. In contrast, those that don’t can be identified by terms like “Must be Nice”, etc. and never quite seem to understand why others get ahead while they struggle. Change is hard for most. Self-Disciple is not easy. But they are WORTH it.

Success with finances is simple. The hardest part for most people? Just getting started. For review: Principles 1 and 2. Principles 3 and 4.

There are 47 Principles in the Financial Fitness Program, We have just laid the foundation and covered the basics. Get yourself a copy TODAY!

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