Welcome to the Mental Fitness Challenge!

Welcome to the Mental Fitness Challenge!

Like P90X for your Brain!Mental Fitness

The Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) is a success system designed around the 13 Resolutions as laid out in Orrin Woodward’s book, Resolved – 13 Resolutions for LIFE.

The 13 resolutions, broken down into three categories are:

Private Achievements13 Resolutions Mental Fitness Challenge
1. I resolve to discover my God-given purpose.
2. I resolved to choose character over reputation anytime they conflict.
3. I resolve to have an attitude of gratitude.
4. I resolve to align my conscious (ant) with my subconscious (elephant) mind towards my vision.

Public Achievements
5. I resolve to develop and implement a game plan in each area of my life.
6. I resolve to keep score in the game of life.
7. I resolve to develop the art and science of friendship.
8. I resolve to develop financial intelligence.

Leadership Achievements
9. I resolve to develop the art and science of leadership.
10. I resolve to develop the art and science of conflict resolution.
11. I resolve to develop systems thinking.
12. I resolve to develop Adversity Quotient.
13. I resolve to leave a legacy by fulfilling my purpose and vision through living the 13 Resolutions.


The Components of the Mental Fitness Challenge:

Mental Fitness Challenge

Self-Assessment Test 360-degree Feedback
Goal Setting and Tracking
Accountability Partnering

MFC Modules:

There are three Modules that make up the MFC…

The modules are broken down to match the different categories of Orrin’s resolutions:

Private Achievements, Public Achievements, and Leadership Achievements.

There are 16 CDs and three books included –

Resolved: 13 Resolutions for LIFE by Orrin Woodward, Rascal by Chris Brady and Launching a Leadership Revolution by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, a NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Business Week, and USA Today best seller.

Videos of The Mental Fitness Challenge:

Everyone learns differently. Some are visual learners, and some are audio learners.

There are 22 videos in all with the MFC. They are emailed out to you regularly once you register your challenge. The videos are professional quality with great content and combined with the audios and the reading…it really brings everything full circle.

A Synopsis of how the MFC progresses:

First, you take the MFC Self-Assessment Test to determine which of the thirteen resolutions represent an area where you need help…a “Blind Spot” if you will.MFC Self-Test

Second, you can email your friends and request that they take the MFC Self-Assessment Test about you, providing 360-degree feedback to ensure you are not deceiving yourself on your score.
Your friends’ grading results are compiled together, ensuring complete honesty on the test, before being sent back to you. Many corporate firms pay tons of money to gather 360-degree feedback…with the MFC, it’s included as part of the program.

Third, you begin to listen to the CDs and begin reading RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE, reading the first chapter on Purpose and beginning the journey, steadily moving through the rest of the CD’s and the books as the 90 Days progress.

Mental Fitness Challenge

Every week, videos by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward are emailed to you ensuring you’re absorbing the main points in each module. You will also have a grading sheet to assess how your implementation plan is going on the specific weekly resolution, similar to how Ben Franklin checked and adjusted as he applied his “13 Virtues” in his life.

On top of all of this, if any friends of yours choose to take the MFC, then you can also have your friends as accountability partners…and you can all help each other follow through on your commitments to change.

IF three of your friends choose to take the Challenge with you, your MFC is FREE!

For More Info on the Mental Fitness Challenge, click this LINK.

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