Financial Fitness Program Principles 3 & 4. Just a taste: Stop getting Financial Advice from Broke People.


FixHere is the process that most of us go through when we finally decide to ‘fix’ our finances:

  • Get mad at yourself.
  • Get mad at your spouse.
  • Get mad at your kids.
  • Go ‘cold turkey’ and make EVERYBODY mad.

NEVER follow this plan again. Remember: Real change LASTS.

Have you done anything with the First 2 Principles?

What have you done to implement those? STOP and do this now if you haven’t.

It isn’t enough to just understand a Principle, you must IMPLEMENT it in your life.You Inc.

Prioritize your Spending…10% right off the top to YOU, INC.

Set it up like you are a creditor with precedence…have it automatically removed from your account with your bank.

Whenever you make a deposit, automatically place 10% of it in your savings.

What is your mission in life? What will be your legacy? Decide this now. Write it down.

Financial Fitness Program Principle 3

Live within your means. Always. No exceptions. Period. Follow a good budget. Give each spouse a small allowance so you have a little discretionary money each month and DON’T nitpick each other on the little things.


  1. Make a good budget: List all income and expenses for at least the last 6 months. Do NOT list “If come” money.
  2. Find out your NET cash flow. If your expenses are higher than your income. You are BROKE. You have to know where to start before you know where to go. The government has a hard time with this. They can get away with it for a while. You can’t.
  3. Use the envelope system. According to your budget, put the allotted CASH for each budgeted item in a separate envelope.

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Many of you are now thinking…this is going to cause a fight with my Wife/Husband.

Then…it’s time to fight.

Some disagreements are worth having.

Financial Fitness Program Principle 4

Stop getting financial advice from broke people. Get it only from those whose finances you want to emulate.

Now, take a few minutes and make a list of people you have listened to on Financial Topics. Include family, friends,relatives, teachers, etc.Badadvice

Once you have completed your list, then take a pencil or pen and cross out EVERY person whose finances you would NOT want to emulate. Circle the ones whose finances you would like to emulate.

From this moment forward, weigh ALL financial advice using this same criteria.

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