To Tim, A Love Note to my 15-Year-Old Self.

A while back, I helped clean out my Mother’s basement in my boyhood home, as she was moving to a new place.

While we cleared away the things one accumulates through 40 years of living in a home, I uncovered a well-worn sign that I had painted on a wall in the basement when I was 15 years old.

The sign reads:

“A winner never quits…a quitter never wins.”

The basement was my refuge. It was my “Dungeon Gym”.

It’s where I worked out my teenage angst with weights and became a large, dangerous, angry, 15-year-old boy.

I lived ALL of my teenage years very angry.

I would sooner fight you than look at you.

I had moved to Nebraska from the east coast, which was a big change.

My father had left us so my Mom moved us to get a fresh start.

Then my favorite person on the planet, My Grandfather…died…and if it was possible, I became angrier.

This is a love note to that boy:

I know you’re upset.

Your Dad left, your Poppy died and you feel alone.

I wanted to give you some good news.

Here’s a preview of your future:

You marry the girl of your dreams at 23

…and STAY married to her.

You don’t quit.

You become one of the first people in your family to graduate from college.

Working full time and going to school full time builds your incredible work ethic.

You become an Officer in the Army which teaches you discipline and builds your self-confidence.

You have an excellent career.

The turning point in your life: You become a Christian.

You learn that you don’t have to be perfect, just forgiven.

Because of this, you forgive your Father before he dies.



You have 2 wonderful Sons, who love you very much…

They have an amazing childhood with two intact parents.

You don’t quit.

You are a Maverick; you prefer having your own business to working for someone else.

You thrive in this arena.

Your Sons then become Fathers and do an amazing job with their children.

You are incredibly proud of your Boys.

Your grandchildren give you INSANE amounts of joy!

You love the state of Nebraska and the people in it…and wouldn’t live anywhere else.

There are ups and downs, successes and failures. That’s life.

Because of what you’ve learned you get through the failures moving FORWARD.

Here’s the best news: You’re not angry anymore…and you’re not done yet.

You have lived and continue to live your original credo:

“A winner never quits…a quitter never wins.”

To anyone who has read this that’s having a challenge in your life; you are precious and important. If not to you, then to me.

You’ll make it.

I love you, Tim

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